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fru•ition n  :  enjoyment, as of something attained or realized

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The Photos

The Testimonials

"Cedric and the entire Fruition crew deliver on an unforgettable experience. A meal where every single dish tells a story and leaves you completely satisfied. A dining experience you will never forget, filled with conversation and joy."

―Justin Waterfield

"This dream duo of Magic and food artistry create something that neither could on their own. Between the delightful food, exquisite presentation, and excellent drink pairings, it made for a special evening over tableside chatter about all things Magic. Don't miss this lifelong journey of theirs come to fruition - your taste buds will thank you!"

―Gavin Verhey

The Guests

Gavin Verhey
Gavin Verhey

When Gavin Verhey was 11 years old, he wanted to work at Wizards of the Coast designing Magic cards. After a ten-year journey of following his dream by doing everything from playing at the professional level, to writing about the game, to studying Magic design, in 2011 he landed the job — one of the youngest to ever be hired into R&D.

Eleven years later, Gavin finds himself as one of the faces of Magic design. Having led products like Battlebond, Mystery Booster, Commander Legends, and most recently the Brothers' War Commander decks, he's kept busy not only designing cards but talking about them as well on his YouTube channel, Good Morning Magic.

Want to ask about the story of your favorite (or least favorite) card? Gavin's take on the best or worst mechanics ever? On how to come work designing cards yourself? Then this is the dinner for you.

Sheldon Menery
Sheldon Menery

From being Judge Emeritus who changed the face of professional Magic to the creator of the format that changed the face of casual Magic, Sheldon Menery has constantly lived where the action is. After retiring from the Judge Program, he did a stint on the Pro Tour Coverage team in 2011-2013. He left that effort to return to school and finish two degrees, fueled by his benefits as a Gulf War veteran and 2004 US Air Force retiree. He earned a Master’s Degree in English Literature while undergoing treatment for throat cancer, a fight he continues today. He put a ribbon on his resume when he joined Wizards of the Coast to work as a designer on Strixhaven: School of Mages.

Outside of the game, he's also famously known as a foodie, using the opportunity created by Magic event travel to eat in some of the world’s greatest restaurants. Self-taught in all areas, he was part owner and Wine Director of a gourmet market and wine shop from 2007-2009. His wine cellar at home stores nearly 800 bottles and represents holdings from all over the globe. He’s a fan of cognac, high-end bourbon, and its cousin anejo tequila.

As the oldest of all Magic personalities and face of the game’s most popular format, he has justly earned the title The Godfather of Commander. Come break bread with him, won't you?

The Chef

Shawn Phillips
Shawn Phillips

In the world of cuisine, Shawn Phillips has been around the block a time or two. With stints at La Taberna (Napa), The French Laundry (Yountville), AVEC (Chicago), Alinea (Chicago), Atelier Crenn (San Francisco) and SAISON (San Francisco), the only thing more vast than Shawn's experience is his palette (he's cooked and eaten a lot of different food in his life).

But the daily grind of a restaurant takes its toll, no matter how strong willed one may be. So it was then that Shawn decided to take his talents to the world of being a private chef. Today, he cooks exclusively for tech giants in Northern California.

Now he'll be cooking for you. You're in good hands. Promise.

The Founder

Cedric Phillips
Cedric Phillips

In the world of Magic, there's nothing Cedric Phillips hasn't done. At age 22, he made Top 8 at Pro Tour Kyoto 2009, showcasing his ability to play the game at its highest level. At age 28, he began to revolutionize coverage of the game, with his ideas and wisdom still being implemented today. At age 33, he founded Coalesce Apparel + Design, a Magic-inspired streetwear brand for fans of the greatest card game of all time.

But his true passion has always been food. From making menus at age 5 to working a decade in the hospitality industry, if there's one thing Cedric hasn't done professionally that he's known he was always born to do, it was to create an experience unlike any other.

And now he gets to do so alongside his brother. A storybook ending if there ever was one.

The Location

cityscape of Las Vegas at night
Las Vegas

Known as The Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas will play host to the first ever Fruition dining experience. With a 3,135 square foot home to work with, space will be the least of your concerns. So prepare to kick your shoes off, put your feet up, and enjoy a night of memorable conversation alongside a meal you won't soon forget.